Stage Fright!

So here is the first post on my blog.  I have been thinking about making a public blog for a while now after secretly stalking some great crafty blogs since my son was born last January.  However, now that I have actually gone and done a public blog, I am having some stage fright!  What if nobody reads it?  What if people do?  Well, here it goes anyways.

I have always enjoyed being able to make things by hand.  I have tried all kinds of things to try to help me fulfill that part of me that needs to create.  I love sewing.  My mother set my sister and I up with a sewing machine, a few hard and fast rules, and a box filled with scraps and possibilities.  While other kids were buying clothes for their barbies, I was making them evening dresses and bikinis from those scraps.  My mother also loved to bake and got me hooked on that too!  But as those who love to bake know, it’s either gift, or be gifted with thighs that don’t make it into those skinny jeans.  Since getting married and having our first child, I have gotten into some paper crafting, mostly making cards and invitations, cooking – not baking (there is a huge difference!), photography and gardening.  On this blog I hope to showcase some of the crafty things I do for the love of the game!  I started a flickr photo pool so if you read this and want to post something that you made too, feel free.  I’d love to see it!

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