Back-Breaking Weekend!

This weekend we worked hard around here again, but instead of down in the basement, we headed for greener pastures out in the yard.  I had spent most of the week trying to rake and sweep the lawn into submission and Matt spent Saturday tearing out things that were falling apart around the yard (cold frame and compost bin) and putting new breaks on the truck.  Today we decided to make another attempt at a cold frame, because the recycled garage door idea that we put into place two years ago didn’t work too well for us.

A Really Bad Picture of the Original Cold Frame During a Hailstorm… don’t ask, it’s all I had.

Cold Frame

I had found this great looking cold frame for my salad greens here, but being that I am not independently wealthy or currently working outside of the home, spending that kind of money to grow swiss chard seemed a little crazy.  Matt and I talked it over, and we decided that a hoop house would work pretty well for us, and we figured we could do it inexpensively.  It would also hold some shade cloth for the summer.  I’ll put together a tutorial on how we did it, and then you can make one for yourself too!

The New Cold-Frame:

Hoop House

In the end, we figure we spent $35 on materials for a 5 foot x 18 foot garden.  If you compare the figures, the cold frame from Gardener’s Supply is $90 for 27 sq. ft. which is $3.33 per square foot.  With our frame, we were $35 for 90 sq. ft. which is $0.39 per square foot.  Not too shabby!  Now I have to get to planting some seeds…

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