Did I just spend an hour dying eggs by myself in the kitchen sink?  Yes, yes, I did.

Easter Eggs

I can’t remember ever dying eggs for Easter as a kid, but I thought we needed some for the Egg Hunt.  I bought myself some Paas, used up that old lemon juice that I have had in the fridge since forever (probably left over from some science lab) and got experimenting.

Here are my notes:

Good things: Don’t mix the pinks when you add the water and the dye settles and makes a fabulous ombre design on the egg.

Bad things: Marbling doesn’t really work.  Neither does mixing colors.  You just end up covered in dye and oil, and your egg looks like something reminiscent of vomit.

I think they look pretty and secretly, it was fun to play around with the dye without anyone else getting their adorable and chubby little hands in there.

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