1st Annual Easter Egg Hunt

Today we held what will be the first Easter egg hunt of many to come.  What a blast!  Luke helped the boys hide the eggs before the party carefully reaching into his basket, picking out the perfect egg, inspecting it, squatting down really low and placing it carefully in the yard.  We colored “eggs” drawn on the driveway with sidewalk chalk, and blew some bubbles.  By then we had all worked up a serious appetite and needed to sit down to some brunch!  We had bagels and donuts, I made corn muffins with raspberry jam filling, sausage, bell pepper and fontina strata (which is a great recipe we use all the time!), bunny sugar cookies, applesauce, fruit and pound cake.  The food and company was good, and you should try that strata for your next brunch.

I also made favors for the kids, since they are too little to have anything that might fit into an egg and I don’t really want to give out candy or chocolate.  I had recently stumbled upon the Traveling Art Show pattern and made one for Luke that I found to be really creative, compact and useful.  I changed it some by binding it with bias tape instead of turning it out.  I liked the way it turned out, but adding the bias seriously increased the fabric yardage I needed for the project.  For the favors, I needed to make them more cheaply, so I turned the edges under but didn’t want it to look too boring with a single fabric on the outside.  I fixed this without breaking the bank by taking some of the patterned fabric from the inside pocket and sewing it onto the duck cloth that I used for the outside.  I also personalized them by embroidering their names along this decorative piece of fabric.  I think that they turned out really cute!

On a practical note, the really nice thing about using the cotton duck is that you don’t have to interface it at all, which I hate doing.  It also makes the project pretty cheap, since you can get that fabric at Joann’s for about $4/yd with a coupon or sale and a yard would make 12-8″x19″ pieces for the outer fabric as it is 60″ wide.  That is $0.33 a piece.  The inside can be done with more lightweight cottons, and I have plenty of scrap that can be used for that purpose so it costs me nothing to clear out some of my clutter.  The only other costs are twill tape or ribbon and thread which are minimal, or non-existent if you are cleaning out your stash.

I packaged up the favors in a decorated brown paper bag, but I could have left them out because they looked so nice.  If you have little ones who like to color or draw, you should seriously consider trying out this simple and easy to follow pattern.  It is quick, cheap and practical and will be a big hit with kids and parents alike!

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