The horror.

I don’t know if you watched the NCAA Tourney last night, but Matt and I only made it to half time before turning in.  And we apparently missed the best game, ever.  I guess that’s what you get for being old and no fun.

The part that got me though, were the commercials.  One in particular.  Kleenex is apparently marketing a new product- single use paper hand towels for in your bathroom.  They even designed the box to sit in the towel bar!  COME ON!  You’re too good to wipe your hands on a towel that someone else may have dried them on before??  Sheesh.  I am in no way using only ecologically sound practices around my home, but I do make a good effort to be conscious about what products we use, where we purchase our food, and how our products are packaged.  I can’t honestly believe that there is an “unmet need” in our society for disposable hand towels, and neither should you!  You can read the press release for yourself here.

As a result, I think that a little tutorial is in order.  How to make a hand towel that you will love, will make your home look more beautiful, and will not contribute to deforestation or add to landfills.  Stay tuned!  This will probably be pretty good, since my knickers are in such a knot over this one!

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