It is done.

I finished the quilt.  Thank goodness.  I guess I knew how much work it was going to be, but I don’t know about you- I get these rose colored glasses when it comes to crafting!  In all other aspects I tend to be the realist, pessimist, whatever you want to call it.  When it comes to craft projects, nothing is too big; no timeframe too unrealistic.  And then I get myself into trouble!  This time, I made it by the skin of my teeth… well, the second time at least.

This quilt was meant for a baby shower, but due to the addition of our little man, my sewing time was seriously limited by perpetual nursing and bone-crushing fatigue.  Kind of makes you want another one, right?  Well, now that Finn is one, I had to get it done or else I knew it was going to end up being his graduation from high school present.  I guess my thoughts about the project were, in relative order:

1.  Why can’t I cut a straight line?  Does it really matter that much?  Oh… yeah… I guess so.  Enter, seam ripper.

2.  If I burn my finger one more time on that stupid iron I am going to quit.

3.  Why did I want to attempt applique?  Do I really have to zig zag around everything?

4.  Seriously?  That’s how much a free motion or walking foot cost?  I’ll just try it my way because that never always works for me.

5.  Shoot.  Should have put out the cash.  Now I am mad and there are puckers.  Or something that rhymes with that.


7.  There is no way I am sewing my bias tape on by hand.

What I told my husband when I was finished was to remind me the next time I decided a quilt would be a good idea- it isn’t.  Well, not really.  I liked designing it, piecing it and giving it away.  So the only time I will ever attempt a full quilt again is if I can afford to send it out to have someone else quilt it for me on their fancy machine.  Until then, if it is bigger than a placemat, it’s a no go!

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