Its a write-off day!

Good thing:

The garden is getting more glorious by the day.

Today we ate junk food, and didn’t accomplish much.  My hair is a mess.  I almost killed the dog.  I always feel guilty saying that we didn’t accomplish anything (even if it feels that way!), because if you are a stay at home mama, then you understand that at the end of a very frustrating day you still did an awful lot- just nothing off of that perpetually growing list.  Babies were fed, dressed, napped, walked, read to, played with, bathed and put to bed, etc.

I try so hard to keep my perspective about things like this.  In 20 years am I going to sit down and regret that I didn’t have a clean kitchen today?  Or that Luke’s Easter jammies are still taunting me from a state of un-sewed-ness each time I walk through the office?  I probably won’t even remember a bit of it.  Maybe just a vague memory that some days were hard and that was when I drank a rum and coke before bed.

I am certain of this though… I will remember that today Luke blew me a kiss from the backseat of the car after he spilled all of his cheerios out of the spill-proof container.  That he drank milk from a real glass with us at dinner tonight, and spent most of the time practicing his new skill because it meant that Matt and I clapped a lot, which he loves.  And that his toes are round and chubby and sweaty and smelly in sandals.

So tonight I drink wine with a girlfriend and maybe play some Guitar Hero… and tomorrow there will be more dishes, and more chubby toes… which this mama will be better able to appreciate after she spends a little time on herself tonight- doing nothing off the list but gaining some perspective.

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