Mother’s Day Project: Patchwork Pillow

I don’t know about you, but I have a love affair with my digital camera and iMac.  I have over 1,000 pics filed away in there from the past year or so.  But do you know how many pictures I actually have displayed in my home?  Let me tell you.  FIVE!  3 of Luke and 2 from our wedding day… oh I am not kidding, and I am certain that if I took a look around your house it would be much of the same!  What happened in those 5 years between married and kids?  What about birth and 15 months?  Life!  That’s what, and none of it out where people can see it.  This realization (seriously, 5??) and Luke becoming a full-fledged toddler made me try and come up with some fun ways to display some photos around my home.  This patchwork pillow was my first idea, and I’ll tell you why.

So you have your first baby.  You love him, you don’t sleep, you can’t wait to see what he learns next, and you keep looking to the future.  Then all of the sudden, you wake up on some completely normal day and your son takes his dirty diaper, walks from the living room through the dining room and into the kitchen where he is waiting for you to catch up.  You do, and then he opens the trash and throws the diaper away by himself and is staring at you with this huge grin awaiting applause.  And you cry.  You didn’t teach him that!  Where did he learn that?  How did he figure it out?  What happened to that sweet little baby who would fall asleep while he was nursing and smelled like only little babies can?  I am certain that the next thing he will learn is to swear at the dog.  (Which will probably be really funny until he does it in front of his grandmothers.)  So I am feeling sentimental that my son went from this:

to this:

Which is good and the normal progression of things, but I want to remember his sweet baby self and his big toddler self all at once.  I want to appreciate all of the things that he (and I) have accomplished and the ways that we have grown in the past 15 months.  What better way to do that than with a series of pictures of important events or common expressions captured by my lens and then displayed next to each other so that everyone can appreciate the huge transition between innocent babe and independent little man.

Consider this my mother’s day gift to myself.  A tutorial will follow soon… so get your scissors ready!  Any new mothers or grandparents will love a pillow like this to squeeze.  My budding toddler also loved looking at, imitating and kissing the baby in the pillow.  What a fun way to help him develop his sense of self and interact with some photographs too.

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