Philosophical Differences

I love my husband.  We don’t think the same way.  Part of that is what draws us to each other, the whole opposites attract thing.  The other part of that leads to huge misunderstandings and confusion.  This holds especially true when we are involved in some sort of major project together.  Case in point?  Home renovations.  (And microeconomics, but we won’t get into that ancient history!)

We have been planning on updating our kitchen since we moved into this house 4 years ago.  It isn’t what anyone would call your dream kitchen and never will be.  The layout is terrible, the appliances are dated, the backsplash is white bathroom tile with colored grout, the countertop is pink, the sink is stained porcelain, and the flooring is faux brick linoleum.  I spend a lot of time in this worn-out space, and we are hoping to make a little money when we sell the house in a few years so a facelift is in order.  

I have been spending some time researching finishes, looking at other homes that are selling in the neighborhood, cleaning and trying to schedule time to actually complete the job.  My husband has been thinking about it a lot too, just not in any way that involves lists, calendars, or the internet.  We are under a major time crunch as the renovations need to be finished by mid-June.  So this afternoon after much supposed eye rolling by me and calendar and internet usage by my husband at my request, we have settled on starting… tomorrow.

Have we really been talking about doing this for real for two years and the way we start is by saying, “What do you have going on tomorrow?”  Apparently we do.  It is only by having a child and having to learn how to go with the flow a little better that I am even slightly ok with this.  Do we have any materials?  No.  Do we have any tools?  No.  Do we have any childcare?  No.  Is this destined for failure?  Maybe.  So if I were you I would check back here this week not for crafting inspiration, but some comic relief as I regale you with the stories of our possibly disastrous   kitchen remodel.

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