Let the festivals begin!

May begins the festival season here in Rochester.  Today is the first day of the Lilac Festival, which has to be one of my favorites.  This year, due to the kitchen remodel, we will be unable to head over to Highland Park while the festival is underway.  But I just couldn’t miss out on my lilacs.  Neither could Luke.

We drove over to the park early on Wednesday morning to take the self-guided lilac tour.  I doubt that you know this, but there is a whole strain of common lilacs that were developed here in Rochester by Richard Fenicchia and Alvan Grant.  The strain is called the Rochester strain and has been used for hybridization by breeders.

Luke went up in the Kelty backpack for our hike, but, predictably started to fall asleep before his nap time.  He has moved to a single nap, but he would take it at 9am if we let him… But we don’t because let me tell you that a toddler who only takes one nap at 9am can’t make it to bedtime, and neither can his mother.  So out of the carrier he went!  And boy did he go.  We wandered around the park looking at lilacs up close…climbed into a Sweetbay Magnolia…

saw the peonies…

and stopped at each and every park bench along the way for some people watching… We had an absolute blast and are planning on doing some more hiking someplace and then get out and exploring at our many local parks.  We ended the day similarly to the way that our last Lilac Festival ended.  Luke resting on a park bench… so heart-warming to see that my 16 month old toddler isn’t always so different from that sweet little 15 week old baby from last year!

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