Playgrounds and Giveaways

Yesterday we left the house for a haircut (they used gel this time and the result was unbearable cuteness!!) and some playground therapy.  There is a lot of demolition and construction going on at the home front and Luke had just about enough of “No!  Danger!  Don’t touch the circular saw!”

After Luke’s haircut, we headed out to Perinton Park where they have a nice playground by the Erie Canal that Luke and I enjoy going to.  There are smaller play structures for him to climb all over, swings, and those B-52’s on springs.  If Luke isn’t interested in any of those then he usually digs around happily in the sand.  (Note to self: Get a sandbox and you might be able to embroider again!)  We tore it up and everyone was much happier as a result.

Tonight at midnight is the end of the Sew Mama Sew Giveaway. I will post the winner here tomorrow morning.  Thanks for stopping by, and I would be very happy if you would visit again, or subscribe to my rss feed.  The tutorial for the smock will be up soon, and so will some pictures of the renovation.  We are finally getting there!

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