June Respite

Well, I have been away from the blog for most of the month of June.  Being that I am new to blogging, I didn’t happen to have a bunch of posts written that I could have seamlessly rigged to post themselves while our little family got some much needed rest.  Sorry about that!

We spent some time in Baltimore, Pittsburgh, Fredonia, Syracuse, Utica, Boston and Cape Cod.  Matt took some time off from residency to do some research and to start our family these past two years, and yesterday he re-entered the program and took his first night (of many) of call.  We tried very hard to do as many fun things that we could think of before he went back.  His schedule is always crazy and unpredictable so we visited friends and family across the northeast and spent some time camping out on the Cape just for us.

I’ll let you know about the highlights of our trips here this week, but for now it is time for me to get to making the pasta for tonight’s dinner!  Hope that you have enjoyed your month as much as we have!

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