Be gentle, my friends.

To say that our family is in transition would be an understatement.  At times I feel overwhelmed, overworked, crazed and paralyzed.  It always seems ironic to me that the more there is to do, the less able I seem to be to do it.  I haven’t blogged here since June because I am trying to be gentle with myself.  Gentleness is something that I have to remind myself to do- in my experience, it doesn’t appear to come easily for most women.

I have trouble looking at a day that didn’t see my to-do list neatly checked off.  I have trouble sleeping when I know I should have loaded the dishwasher.  I have trouble appreciating the gift of staying home with my son when I have to read the same book 12 times in a row on the floor at 3 pm when I still haven’t showered or figured out what I am cooking for dinner.

So for now, I have cleared my calendar.  I will stay in my pajamas all day, even if it is just because I haven’t caught up with the laundry.  I will not run errands all week long.  I will cook.  I will bake.  I will ask for help.  I will take after dinner strolls through the park with my son.  I will talk to strangers and drink wine and garden.  I will be present in the moment instead of worrying about things left undone.

So here’s to living the last days of summer fully, richly and gently.

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