Zucchini Days

Several years ago, a friend made me some zucchini bread that was so tasty I hounded her for the recipe.  The recipe is simple and surprisingly healthy as far a zucchini breads go and I look forward to zucchini donations from friends who have more sun in their backyards than I do at the end of summer for just this sort of thing.

There are several steps which your kids can help you with here, like measuring ingredients, pouring ingredients, grating zucchini and spooning the batter into pans or muffins… but mostly they’ll want to taste test!  You want to eat fruits, green vegetables, oats, and nuts?  Be my guest!  Although you should remember that nuts can be a choking hazard for young children so be sure to process the nuts very finely if you want to include them for your littlest of helpers.

Zucchini-Oat Bread Recipe (Why type it out when someone else already did?!)

We made about 22 muffins with the same recipe and they cooked for about half of the time called for in the loaf recipe.  They bake up like a charm, are incredibly moist and are useful in providing energy for an active little boy’s outdoor shenanigans.  Please don’t spray mama with the hose anymore!!

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One Response to Zucchini Days

  1. anna says:

    i see my go-to recipe for zucchini bread is getting some traction! looks delicious and nutritious. keep on reaping the benefits of that vegetable garden. i paid 3.99/lb for zucchini today. yikes!

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