Knit 4. Purl 4. Repeat.

My birthday was earlier this summer and when I was asked about what I would like, I replied:  “Teach me to knit.  Please.  Really.  I promise to actually practice this time.  Seriously.”  And so it was.  My mother packed up this adorable knitting bag with some needles and yarn and two projects and a few books and while we were camping together she taught me to knit and purl.

I have been working on it every night for as long as my wrists can take it.  Which sometimes is about 10 minutes.  I have to admit that I am getting more comfortable with the stitches and am starting to find my own rhythm.  I am so excited to finish with this practice piece of knitting so that I can actually make something functional.

I learned how to crochet as a pre-teen making doilies and the sort.  I never really got into anything really practical with crochet.  I tried to make my nephew an afghan when he was born, and now he is entering kindergarten… it’s still unfinished.  Oops.

Once Luke arrived I became very interested in making useful things for him.  I sew quite a bit and that is nice, but honestly difficult with a toddler.  There are too many sharp things and waaaay too much setting up and putting away to accomplish much of anything during a short nap.  Additionally, I don’t see myself taking my Brother to a playground.

Everyone knows there are way more cute patterns to knit than crochet and that knitting is infinitely more portable than sewing.  I have a feeling that this is going to blossom into something completely out of control and develop into a borderline obsession.  But I am ok with that.  Bring on the exotic fibers, introduce me to Ravelry, and say goodbye to idle hands!

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