Sewing & Such

I haven’t posted in about an epoch about sewing.  That doesn’t mean that I haven’t been doing any, just haven’t been doing a good job about documenting it.  I have a bunch of semi-finished projects that I need to complete here soon so that I can move on to the fall wardrobe of Mr. Luke.  I would really like to sew something for myself too, so that is where the Lady Grey sew-along over with Gertie comes in.  I ordered the pattern earlier this week and can’t wait for it to come in.  I am thinking that I want to make the sleeves full length, because honestly, upstate NY doesn’t call for 3/4 sleeve outerwear.  Just sayin’.  But that shouldn’t be too hard for me to figure out.  I have my fingers crossed here for a long afternoon nap, but if that doesn’t happen then we are going to go shopping for some wool at our local sewing thrift shop!  Gotta keep you eyes open for $1.00/yd wool… It’s amazing.

Other projects queued up on the machine (or piled on the floor) are:

Training pants for the future Potty Master of America

A plush nativity scene for Luke

A big boy quilt for a big boy bed

A Christmas stockinette stitched scarf for the hubs

A composition notebook cover for a special nephew heading to kindergarten next week!

I will update the blog with details of the projects I have been working on here as I get to finishing them.  Hope that the end of summer has your hands busy too!

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