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June Respite

Well, I have been away from the blog for most of the month of June.  Being that I am new to blogging, I didn’t happen to have a bunch of posts written that I could have seamlessly rigged to post … Continue reading

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Pass the bagels

Inspired by my recent success at making some things that I once considered impossible to replicate at home I ventured into the bagel arena.  I am a very picky bagel eater.  They must be crunchy and chewy and substantial.  None … Continue reading

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Bread Day

Its amazing what you can get at the grocery store for bread.  And I’m not being nice.  If I am trying to pick up a loaf of bread for my family that fits into my budget I would rather eat … Continue reading

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…and pretty maids all in a row

Aren’t they beautiful?  The fancy french radishes, and black seeded simpson?  All lined up in a row, reaching upwards towards the warm sun.  Grow, babies, grow! My grandparents immigrated to Canada from the Netherlands after World War II.  My grandfather … Continue reading

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Chive Blossom Vinegar

With the passage of Memorial Day we are entering into one of my favorite seasons.  No, not summer, canning season.  When you live in the northeast where all things green and edible have to come into season in a short … Continue reading

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